Honey Comb from Absolutely Delightful

Honeycomb from Absolutely Delightful

Saturday morning I made my way to the downtown Phoenix Open Air Market at the Phoenix Public Market on Central Avenue and Pierce Street. While looking through booths, I came across this local Arizona gem called Absolutely Delightful. Honey soaps, honey bear stuffed animals and edible honey filled the booth. Eleanor Dziuk, who owns Absolutely Delightful, mans the booth every Saturday and she is more than happy to explain the honey-making process. Absolutely Delightful uses honey from bees kept by five different local beekeepers that is swapped in and out depending on the season.

Honey Comb


I bought myself a large portion of comb honey for $15. I’ve never had honey straight from the comb, which Eleanor says is the natural form as stored by the bees, but I’ve had honey in liquid form on many occasions. I’ve always been a big supporter of eating local honey, especially after I heard that local honey is better for you if you get allergies. Apparently, eating honey produced by bees in your area means you’ll be less likely to get agitated by pollen in the air. Might as well try it out, right?

Yummy Honey

Yummy honey!

When I dove into this honeycomb I was expecting to taste honey like I’ve always tasted it, but Holy Beezus, was I wrong. If you’ve never had honeycomb before, you need to try it. More importantly, you need to try it from here. I’ve never tasted anything like it. I honestly thought I tasted the pollen from the flowers. I could eat this stuff straight and not stop. Even my 11-year-old nephew, who is not a fan of the amber-colored goo, ate two spoonfuls with a smile on his face.

For a quick morning meal, take a spoonful of honey and stir it into some plain Greek yogurt. Quick, easy, healthy and delicious. I used Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt and the honey from Absolutely Delightful.

Honey over Greek yogurt.

Honey over Greek yogurt.



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