As September creeps in, summer heat cools down to “not-as-scorching-as-August” temperatures. That means you should all be trying out different food trucks at the Phoenix Public Market during the Open Air Markets on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings, as well as during Food Truck Fridays. The Phoenix Street Food Coalition has plenty of information about events, scheduling and other food truck information you may need in your times of hunger.

This month I’m talking about Taste Rite!, a food truck owned and operated by Chef Darryl King.

Greek Salad Special and Garlic Potato Tots

Greek Salad Special and Garlic Potato Tots

While there are occasional specials, what Taste Rite is known for are their po’boy sandwiches. While the main menu has great choices, including the smoked pulled-pork po’boy, I personally love the “secret menu.” Po’boys on this menu are $8 and worth it. The po’boys are served on local sweet hoagie rolls with your choice of garlic potato tots or the green-chili mac ‘n’ cheese and Koolickles, which are pickles soaked in Kool-Aid.

I would recommend getting the Gypsy Tots or the Ponderosa Po’boy off the secret menu. The $3 Gypsy Tots are rosemary-garlic potato tots with pot roast gravy over the top. Yum. The Ponderosa incorporates beef pot roast with the rosemary potato tots and smothers green-chili cheese sauce over the top. I can’t imagine this is something you need in your diet — however, I do believe it’s something you need in your life. At least once.


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